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The steps of data collection, collation, research, exhibition and publication are strictly in accordance with the criterion of research on the history of science and technology.


The collection, collation, research and publication of data materials are integrally organized by the China Association for Science and Technology.


Document literature and oral history are combined; Academic research and public communication are combined; scientific spirit and humanistic spirit are combined.


The project of “Collecting Historic Data of Scientists’ Academic life” (hereinafter referred to as the " The collecting project ") takes academic growth as the main line, focusing on the scientists who are over 80 years old and have made outstanding contributions to the development of science and technology in China.The project has been systematically collecting all kinds of oral materials, audio-visual materials and documents like letters and manuscripts in order to reflect these aged scientist’family background, education, mentoring relations, academic communications and research activities, as well as a variety of study work life supplies and equipment, etc. These valuable information will be preserved permanently in the collection base for the purpose of publicizing and carrying forward the scientific spirit and scientific tradition of Chinese scientists, and fully displaying the development history of Chinese science and technology.



Museum Collections

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The base of the museum collections for the collecting project is built in the library of Beijing Institute of Technology ,with a store of more than 200,000 digitized and original materials, such as manuscripts, letters, photos, as well as more than 10000 hours of audio and video data. After completion of cataloguing and digitization, it will be gradually opened to provide display, research, education and other applications.

Scientists collected

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Categorical data


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Research results and publications

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National Museum For Modern Chinese Scientist

The museum of scientists in China (web version) is an all-directional, three-dimensional portal that displays the academic growth of modern Chinese scientists, aiming to promote the scientific spirit and foster the culture of science. It introduces the Chinese scientists’ academic contribution, scientific spirit and impressive stories in a systematic, accurate and comprehensive way. Meanwhile, the museumwhich provides reliable literature for professional researchers and data query, is also one of the largest repository of resources for studies on modern Chinese scientists..

The website is operated by National Academy for Innovation Strategy, China Association for Science and Technology.

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Contact Department: The Project Office of“Collecting Historic Data of Scientists’ Academic life”, National Academy for Innovation Strategy, China Association for Science and Technology.

Contacts: Zhi-hong Yang Wen-jing Gao

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